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Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, Wow. What a fantastic week that was!

Way back in January, my friends Jamie and Shelly and I decided we wanted to get a big rental house for this year's festival. Where can i buy Zoloft online, Criteria: a lot of bedrooms, pool, and a hot tub. With all the properties available you would think it would be easy to secure this, after Zoloft, but we actually had to scramble. Fortunately, Zoloft dosage, the place we ended up getting was awesome. Because it was in Palm Springs, and not closer in like Indio or La Quinta, we arranged for a driver to shuttle us back and forth each day, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription. (Note: This was one of the best moves ever. No worries about parking or being too drunk/tired to drive).

Joining us after a few shuffles and cancellations were my friends Colin from PDX, what is Zoloft, Josh from SEA, and Switch, Fast shipping Zoloft, Suga, Kirby and Audra from OAK.

By some luck of the reservation system, those of us from the PacNW all ended up on the same Portland to Palm Springs flight and arrived late afternoon on Thursday, Zoloft for sale. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, After a quick test run of the pool and hot tub, we walked to the store, stole a shopping cart, and brought home supplies.

The Oakland crew drove down and got into town around 2am.

Day 1 of the Festival

Our driver showed up about 1pm and brought us to the Polo Fields where we were greeted by the biggest clusterfuck Goldenvoice has ever created. Zoloft used for, This year there were no single day passes available and the 3-day passes were sold out. We waited in one line for about 45 minutes, had our bags searched, then were released into a holding pen, where can i buy cheapest Zoloft online, where Security was exchanging tickets for wristbands. No lines, just mobs of hot, sweaty, and excited people swarming around the wristbands, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription. The Security were constantly running out of the wristbands, Order Zoloft from mexican pharmacy, which forced them to wade through the crowds to pick up more.

After 30 minutes or so of this, we then had to walk a half mile or so where we were greeted by another set of lines to have our bags checked again and our bands verified.

We had planned to be at the festival at 2:30 and barely made it in time for a 4:00 set, low dose Zoloft.

Shaking off the bad vibes of the entry, I (and a rotating cast of my housemates) managed to see:

Proxy - Jamie was set on seeing this, Zoloft brand name, so we headed straight back to the Sahara tent. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, Was really good and the perfect way to get into the festival mindset.

Aeroplane - Wow. Very unexpected. I had heard a little bit before but am now a fan, Zoloft australia, uk, us, usa.

She & Him - Didn't stay long. I am a fan of the band, but the crowd was huge, and they sounded like the record, so moved on fairly quickly, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription.

The Specials - DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER. Zoloft price, coupon, I had so much fun reliving my Dance Craze days. While they all looked older, the music and stage presence were spot on.

Wolfgang Gartner - Caught the tail end of this, Zoloft without a prescription. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, Enjoyed what I heard.

Pretty Lights - Another hit.

La Roux - Caught a few minutes between sets. Zoloft coupon, The tent was packed, so we moved on.

LCD Soundsystem - I am a huge LCD fan. Have seen them many times, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription. After listening to the new album, buy Zoloft without a prescription, I was completely psyched to see them again. Unfortunately, Zoloft pharmacy, I thought the show was just OK. No real reason why - just didn't hit like I thought it would.

Benny Benassi - We kicked it in the grass behind the Sahara tent and regrouped with people. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, Fever Ray - Probably the best set of the weekend. The stage show was creepy and awesome, Zoloft reviews, the sound was loud but not overpowering, and the music was... Order Zoloft no prescription, beautiful.

Deadmau5 - To close out the night, we crashed the Deadmau5 tent, forced our way into the crowd and had our own dance party, Zoloft overnight. Amazing way to end the night.

And then it was back to the house for a late night dip in the pool, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription.

Day 2 of the Festival

For me, Online Zoloft without a prescription, this was the "weak" day of the show. The one band I was truly looking forward to, Bad Lieutenant, were stuck in the UK due to volcanic ash, buy cheap Zoloft no rx. We mostly hung out around the Sahara tent, with occasional forays out to poke our noses into the other sets. Herbal Zoloft, Plus, after a couple of late nights partying, the day was a bit of a blur. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, I can safely say we saw Craze & Klever, Dirty South, The Raveonettes, Bassnectar, David Guetta, and Les Claypool.

We ended up calling an audible, Zoloft dose, and bailed out of the show early.

Day 3 of the Festival

Another late night, Zoloft over the counter, but that didn't stop us from rolling out and raring to go.

Rusko - Hadn't heard much before, but became a fan.

The Glitch Mob - Whoo hoo, purchase Zoloft. Another one of my faves, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription. Was a bit disappointed by the set. They seem to be turning into "musicians" who play "songs" instead of "DJs" who play "sets". Zoloft price, Still enjoyable though.

Florence and The Machine - Played to a pack tent. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, I really like this band, but I think I like them better in my headphones than at a festival.

Club 75 - Jamie, Shelly, Zoloft no rx, Colin and I were camped out on the side of the Sahara and probably danced non-stop for an hour and a half.  We must have been acting pretty wild, Online buy Zoloft without a prescription, because we attracted a whole bunch of fun people who joined up with us.

Got split up by capacity beer tents and long bathroom lines at this point. Shelly and I bounced around listening to bits and pieces of Spoon, Phoenix, canada, mexico, india, and Infected Mushroom.

Orbital - Another blast from the past, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription. (Satan. Zoloft trusted pharmacy reviews, Satan. Satan. Satan. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, Satan!)

The girls and I decided we wanted to head over to the main stage and stake out our ground. Got sidetracked by some food and drinks and a trip to the Heineken Headphone Rave dome, buy Zoloft from canada. Had a good time dancing around with wireless headphones on.

Gorillaz - ZOMG. Buy cheap Zoloft, I had been expecting a show that incorporated their "hologram" characters and was wondering how they were going to pull it off with the wind that kicks up at night. When Admiral Snoop Dogg came up on the main screen and kicked off the set, I knew we were in for something different, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription. Damon Albarn and crew played live with an insane multimedia show behind them. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the DVD for Plastic Beach.

And with that we bid farewell to the festival, get Zoloft. Our friends from Oakland were scheduled to leave the next day, so we made sure to get our fill of the pool and hot tub that night. Buy Zoloft Without Prescription, Monday was spent decompressing and recuperating. Zoloft treatment, At noon, we said our goodbyes to the Oakland crew. At dusk we headed out to the Aerial Tramway to see the city lights from the snow covered lodge. A nice steakhouse dinner and brief stroll down the main Palm Springs drag ended the night.

Tuesday, we packed up and bolted for the airport.

Every time I go to Coachella, I say it was the best year ever, and this year I am going to say it again, Buy Zoloft Without Prescription. An awesome rental house, great weather, and the best group of people to hang with that I could ask for. It was a grand slam home run. Thanks to everyone who was there for a great week.

A Flickr set of house pics are here. Kirby borrowed my SD card during the festival so his camera has most of the concert pics.

(and a nod to the memes of the week: "music goes in my earhole", "shots shots shots shots shots shots", and "fucking iceland").

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