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Now, as someone who has hired numerous software developers over the years, the old roman numeral algorithm is a great thing to pull out of the pocket and have some candidate write some whiteboard code with. There are exact answers, buy generic 5-HTP, After 5-HTP, and they can be measured very easily.

This is different than, ordering 5-HTP online, Buy 5-HTP without a prescription, lets just say... how many miles does one swim in the iron man triathalon, australia, uk, us, usa. 5-HTP duration, Obviously, there is a correct answer, buy no prescription 5-HTP online, 5-HTP wiki, and then there is an acceptable range depending on the judge.

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QuizMaster J Says:

christ. One could easily argue that there is, in fact, no “acceptable range” for the number of miles cycled by an Ironman competitor. Just ask one of those poor bastards if 12 miles here or there makes much of a difference. Money has it they’d say it’s pretty goddamn precise. (and yes, it was the cycling that was the gimme for Sparkle Motion).
I leave you with this:
Trivia: matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential, or nonessential; trifles; trivialities. (as defined by Webster’s)

Brian Mars Says: